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James Carr-Dear -- 21 -- south of england -- rugby player  cherries popping You have visited times!

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"He loved Her in a quiet way, in a way that begged to be noticed and cherished. He was a simple man, yet, His love for Her was rather complex. He loved that, He loved how He would have to fight for this love. Too many things in life are given to us; He was excited to have something worth fighting for."

b4tty-b0y asked: James you are just too attractive! Ughhhhh

Thanks bby

Anonymous asked: oh baby sit in my bed with me all day instead

Depends who you are init

coffinkittenn asked: You're such a handsome man.

Aww thank you so much

Anonymous asked: why not? borinnnnnnng

Cos I don’t want to have par a shit load of people. I’m not in the mood to be harsh

Anonymous asked: do smash/pass?



I have this urge for your hand to be with mine.
This urge for your breath on the back of my neck.
I have this urge for our skin to touch, for my hands to find every dent in your back.
I have this urge to be yours.
This urge to kiss your lips and run my hands through your hair.
I can’t control this.