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James Carr-Dear -- 21 -- south of england -- rugby player  cherries popping You have visited times!

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ssgww said: Congrats on your face

Hahaha thanks! I’ll pass it on to my mum!

sigh-cological said: Flawless

Too kind

fighting-thestorm said: You're a cutie oh my god

Haha aww thanks bbe

heartfatality said: You are one handsome man.

Thank you muchly!

wherethehellareu said: You're such a cutie ! Instagram?

Aww thank you! Yeah it’s l4mbie :)

"I want to learn you.
I want to learn with you.
I want to learn from you"

Anonymous said: Is it true you're an absolute loser in real life?

I’m a bit of a dickhead irl, but I’m far too competitive to ever be a loser